Review and secondary analysis of European (including the EMCDDA, REITOX and National focal Point databases) and national NPS prevalence and trend data in the EU28 countries

The project will select key informants in all 28 EU countries, who will be repsonsible for the collection of national information and data. The analysis will include:

  • review of peer reviewed and grey literature in the EU28 countries;
  • assess the extent, nature and consumers’ perspectives on benefits and harms of NPS use in populations of PDUs in the EU28 using key informant interviews an invitation-only online survey in all EU28 countries ;
  • review the risks for harm associated with the NPS found to be used among PDU populations in the EU28;
  • describe state of the art legislative, preventive and harm reduction responses to NPS use (both policies and practice) and problems in the EU28 member states and their outcomes where available;
  • develop evidence-based recommendations for targeted and tailored HR interventions


Rapid Assessment and Response (RAR)

RAR's will be carried out in 5 countries (Portugal, Greece, Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland) to provide an in-depth, largely qualitative analysis of the NPS phenomenon.

RAR is an intervention-driven research method that joins researchers and stakeholders in community based research, intervention development and preparing the implementation of research in conjunction. Key characteristics of the RAR methodology are speed, cost-effectiveness, relevance to interventions, strengthening local responses, multiple methods and data sources, use of available data, investigative orientation & inductive multi-level analysis.

It combines qualitative research methods used in social sciences with the direct intervention focus of health/social interventions. RAR methodology combines community-based assessment and is an instrument that provides adequate insights, at relative low costs and in limited time. In addition, it creates local support and ownership for the recommended responses and contributes to a sustainable and enabling environment for interventions and services.

The outcomes and results of the RAR will be used for the Implementation phase and will determine the specific response in each country.


RAR Implementation: From research to practice

This activity will bring the research findings of the RAR's into practice in 5 selected countries. The implementing partners in these countries (Portugal, Greece, Romania, Czech Republic and Poland) will implement and validate tailored harm reduction interventions.

The implementation will be closely monitored and documented and will serve as example for other services providers in the field.

In addition each implementing partner will organise a national training event, in which knowledge and expertise will be exchanged and transferred to relevant national stakeholders.


European Training Event

A European Training Event wil be organised in the autumn of 2015 to share information, and build capacities among service providers.

More information on this event will be available in the beginning of 2015.






Defining NPS

New to Whom?

UNODC defines new psychoactive substancesor NPS as:... read more


Defining Target Groups

Defining the Project’s target audience or end beneficiaries comes with considerable difficulties. The official project title... read more





Project News

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Addictology, the Czech based journal for research into addiction, published a special issue on NPS related articles, including those with the outcomes of the NPS in Europe project.

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The NPS staff presented project outcomes at the International Harm Reduction Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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NPS Policy: Moving Forward
Leading European experts, including researchers, practitioners and policy makers will meet at a Seminar in Lisbon on the 26th of November to discuss the latest developments in the field of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS).

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The NPS in Europe project organises a training on new psychoactive substances (nps), 23 - 25 November 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal. The training is aimed at service provider and peers, supporting NPS users in Europe. The course will give an overview of relevant NPS substances, identify current patterns and develop effective harm reduction service responses.
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Practical information...

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NPS in Europe

is launching a questionnaire on NPS use in all European countries.